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Can you pleaseread your favorite pokemon’s pokedex entry in a professor Oak voice?


Instead of doing my favorite Pokemon’s entry, I did one of my favorite Pokedex entries in general.  Pokemon are terrifying.

I desperately want to marry a guy like him


This does go for all animals, but since dog behaviour is my comfort zone and since most of these posts I see are of dogs being stressed or mishandled I’m going to focus on dogs. Anyone else who is more knowledgable on other animals expression of stress and behaviour are super…


The real Sphinx are a huge pair of dorks, especially Nine.

I know I’ll never be lovable like Two or beautiful like Three. I know that compared to Five I’m a pancake! I hate myself! I hate my face! My body! I’m not pretty or lovable and I have the most average face you can imagine. My arms and legs are gangly and I look like a twig that can never get my stupid hair to straighten out!

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